Bradford County will get both solar energy creation and energy storage, to ensure the community has access to clean, affordable energy night and day. Storing extra solar power generated during peak production times can then be used during peak demand. This significantly increases the overall supply of clean, affordable, renewable energy, which benefits consumers, taxpayers, and the environment.

a true economic partnership

Bradford Solar is committed to strengthening Pennsylvania’s economy through responsible project development and by creating a new long-term revenue source for the local community. With millions more spent during construction and long-term jobs created afterwards, it's clear this project makes for a great partner with the community.

job creation

Bradford Solar will create hundreds of jobs during construction and can provide contracting opportunities for local businesses and vendors. Once operational, the site will support long-term local jobs amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars in income alone for local workers.

education funds

Local schools are one of the largest beneficiaries of funds generated by Bradford Solar. A new, annual source of revenue will make a meaningful impact on students in the community.

learning opportunities

Bradford Solar will be a resource to the local community. The project can serve as a source of education and training for students, professionals, and residents.

land use benefits

Solar farms preserve the agricultural character of the community and allow landowners to preserve their family farms for future generations who may choose to cultivate traditional row crops or continue to harvest the sun.

low impact on land

Utility-scale solar has little to no impact on the underlying land. Drainage is maintained or redesigned to allow for proper water control. Grading and compaction are minimal, and the topsoil is preserved. In addition, solar energy facilities are a great neighbor. They do not create air pollution, odors, contaminated water, or nuisance sounds.

natural screening

Bradford Solar will plant new trees, hedges, and native plants in order to protect and preserve the outdoor look and feel of the community. This goes above and beyond state and local rules, plus keeps the land looking beautiful for generations to come. Neighbors will only see increased natural beauty.


Bradford Solar and the local government will enter into a decommissioning agreement before construction begins. This agreement will outline how the site must be returned to the owner once the project has reached the end of its useful life.


Bradford Solar is exploring the use of revegetating areas disturbed during construction with pollinator-friendly plants that can have a positive impact on neighboring harvest yields and overall ecosystem health.

american made energy

Bradford Solar will generate homegrown, American-made power. Diversifying the grid provides for a more stable energy supply and strengthens our national security.

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