Renewable Energy on Your Land

Solar energy is a growing industry in your area, and you could be a part of it. Leasing or selling your land for solar energy development could be a good option. Read on to see if it’s a fit for you.

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Typical Project Development Steps

These steps outline the typical development process of a utility-scale solar and/or energy storage project. This process happens within a timespan of 3-5 years.

Site Identification
Land Contracting
Initiate Interconnection Process
Site Surveys & Design

Land Requirements for Leases

Property Size

Utility-scale solar and energy storage projects can require thousands of acres of land and can be constructed across multiple landowner properties. While there is no minimum acreage requirement for any one individual parcel to be considered, larger parcels of 40-100 acres or greater are preferable.

Ground Slope

Flat land is generally best for solar and energy storage projects. However, sloped land can be useful depending on the incline and direction.

Proximity to Electrical Grid

Project siting requires contiguous land and a close interconnection point. A project will span many acres, so it isn’t necessary that your particular parcel be next to a substation or high voltage transmission line but it’s generally necessary that your land is close to other parcels with a path to the target point of interconnection.

Environmental Conditions

Parcels with wetlands, wildlife habitat, forests and other environmental resources can be incorporated into the project design. Renewable energy is a great neighbor to most people and wildlife, but we rely on experts to confirm where is best to build.

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